3 CORE Components You Are Missing In Your Strength Training
Finally Put A Stop To Strength Plateaus And Hit New PR's EVERY Month  
Do you feel like you’re wasting your time on those strength training programs designed to build your static strength?
Is your programming not giving you the foundational strength you need to develop speed, power, and athleticism?

Did you know…

That there’s 3 KEY components that EVERY strength program should have…

And some strength programs are missing 2 or MOST of the time 3 of these components..

And these missing components are the reason for an EMBARRASSING and DISAPPOINTING lack of results that lead to stagnant or even DECLINING strength levels.
As a head strength coach at the World Famous Strength Camp…
I’ve helped hundreds of athletes from all walks of life develop the foundational levels of strength they need to become quick, powerful, explosive ATHLETIC FREAKS who impress their coaches, gain the attention of scouts, and absolutely embarrass their teammates in the weight room.
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So If You’re Struggling To:
  • ​Add plates to your bench
  • Deadlift 500 lbs
  • ​Squat 2x your bodyweight
  • ​Jump out of the gym
  • ​Drastically increase your 40-yard dash time
  • ​And become the player you’ve always wanted to be
As a Strength Coach who’s dedicated to creating strong, powerful, explosive athletes who exceed everyone’s expectations, including their own, I noticed a common issue.

Lots of the athletes who found their way into my gym were lacking the strength they needed to excel in their sport.

These kids wanted to jump higher, wanted to run faster, but they couldn’t even squat their bodyweight.
They didn’t even have a foundational level of strength to build power, explosiveness, or athleticism upon.
But I understood, because I wasn’t the best when it came to static strength either.

In fact, I’d even call it a weakness of mine.

When I finally looked at their strength training program, I noticed a fundamental flaw.

That same flaw that held me back from reaching my FULL STRENGTH POTENTIAL

These programs were missing the 3 KEY components of a worthwhile, effective strength program
Here’s the thing with these strength training components...
If even ONE is missing you’ll hit plateaus, Your strength will decline, Or you risk injury.
Which leads to wasted time and effort

Missed playing time

Missed potential

And disappointed coaches, parents, and scouts

That’s something that no athlete can afford…

You can’t afford to spend months trying to add plates to your deadlift.

You can’t even waste three training sessions trying to add weight to your bench.

You need something that will have you hitting personal records every four weeks.
And when you utilize these 3 strength training components in a sound and effective way you get DRAMATIC increases in strength that will lead to:
  • ​Dangerous Amounts of Explosiveness
  • ​RIDICULOUS Amounts of Athleticism
  • Jaw Dropping Hops
  • ​Drastically Increased Speed
  • ​College Offers Pouring In
  • And Celebrity-Like Attention On and Off the Field
So What Are These 3 Core Components?
1: Percentages
There’s a time and place to utilize percentages...

And carefully calculated percentages will completely transform your results when it comes to strength training.

I first discovered this method during my college football days and I was blown away.

The proper balance of intensity (Percentage of your One rep max) along with the right volume will have you hitting impressive PRs EVERY FOUR WEEKS.
2: Phase of Contraction Training
This core component of strength training has not only led to incredible strength gains for the athletes who utilize it, but also jaw-dropping increases in vertical jump and speed.

Lots of programs only focus on building strength during the concentric phase of the lift.

They’re totally ignoring the eccentric and isometric phases.

When you’re using the right tempos and addressing ALL PHASES of your lifts, you’ll see RIDICULOUS gains in not only strength, but size, vertical jump, and speed as well.

This core component is basically the KEY to becoming an ATHLETIC FREAK.
3: ROM Training
Not only do we have to address all three phases of the lift, but we have to address YOUR SPECIFIC WEAKNESSES during SPECIFIC Ranges of motion of your lifts.

If you have trouble getting the bar off the ground on the deadlift,

Getting out of the hole on your squat,

Or locking out on your bench press,

You NEED a program that incorporates ROM training

You need a program that properly utilizes all 3 of the core components of strength training

So I present to you...
Athletic Strength Formula, The Powerful Formula That Pro Athletes Use For DRAMATIC Strength Increases On a Regular Basis
Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll get when you invest in Athletic Strength Formula
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  • ​A 12 Week Program That’ll Eliminate The Words “Weak” and “Plateau” from your vocabulary.
  • ​Unconventional and Effective Limited ROM exercises designed to pinpoint your weaknesses and COMPLETELY ERADICATE them.
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The way I see it you have two options:

You can continue to waste time, energy, and effort on programs that offer you little to no return on the effort you put in and limit you from reaching your full athletic potential

You can continue to get banged up and injured trying to lift heavier weights than you’re capable of

You can continue to struggle and disappoint your coaches, parents, and teammates


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The choice seems pretty simple to me..

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